Impala running, motion  blur effect Caption: Young impala ram running at full speed through winter vegetation, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Camera: Canon EOS 50D; Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM; Focal length: 70mm; Aperture: f/8; Shutter speed: 1/25; ISO 100.

I shot this photograph at a slow shutter speed (1/25 sec) while panning the camera to get a motion blur effect.

On my Canon 50D, I have one of the “Custom” settings configured for this type of photography so I don’t have to change a bunch of settings when I suddenly see something that lends itself to motion blur.

My C1 button is configured like this:
Mode: Shutter-priority (TV)
Shutter speed: 1/25
ISO: 100
Focus: AI Servo
Drive Mode: High speed continuous
White balance: Auto

I set the ISO as low as possible rather than the 400 ISO I use for most my wildlife photography. If I used 400, in bright light the slow shutter speed would need a tiny aperture, quite possibly beyond what the lens provides.

The above photo was shot in overcast conditions which meant the light was pleasantly soft and the aperture necessary for correct exposure at 1/25 was only f/8. This is a bonus, as very small apertures show up any dirt or debris on the sensor. The soft light also means the image colors are fairly muted and less harsh than would have been the case in very bright light.

For more images and information about panning and motion blur, see Wildlife Photos, Motion Blur Effect

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