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Larger Mammals Archives

A Favorite Rhino Photo (from Facebook)

Zebras and Giraffe Juxtaposed (from Facebook)

Hippo Pair at Play (from Facebook)

White Rhino, Impressionist Style

White rhino digitally painted in impressionist style
We came across this imposing white rhino in open grassland in the Kruger National Park. It had been wallowing in a waterhole and the late afternoon sun added a deep gold sheen to its still damp, mud-encrusted hide.

Ever since visiting the Jeu de Paume in Paris in the early 70s, I’ve been enthralled by the work of the French Impressionists (the work now housed in the Musee d’├ôrsay). Obviously, African wildlife was not one of their subjects, but for fun I opted to digitally paint the rhino image in rough “impressionist” style.

If, by any chance, this look appeals to you, please have a look at more of my impressionist digital painting attempts here:

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