White rhino in poacher's sights
On 25 April, the Dept of Environmental Affairs reported that 249 rhinos had been poached in South Africa since the beginning of the year. In its latest report, dated 30 April, the figure has soared to 273!

That’s another 24 rhinos killed for their horns in less than a week. According to Environmental Affairs, “The Kruger National Park continues to bear the brunt of rhino poaching, with the number of rhinos poached since last week increasing from 180 to 201.”

To better understand why there’s been such a dramatic increase in rhino poaching in South Africa, I’ve been reading various websites and papers on the topic. I’ve tried summarising this information in a new article on my website, Rhino Poaching Crisis in South Africa, that’s intended to provide a broad overview, with links to relevant sites for further reading.

I’ve also added a scrolling news ticker (example below) to that page with the latest rhino poaching statistics that I hope will create greater awareness of the devastation rhino poachers are inflicting on our populations of white and black rhinos.

Number of rhinos killed in South Africa so far this year:273 (as at 30 April, 2013)

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